Did you know?

What differentiates Camsil from other glass cleaners?

Thanks to the special active substance used in its formula, Camsil cleans the dirt on glossy surfaces in a more effective way while ensuring a sparkling appearance without stains. Stain remaining on a glass surface is a bore. While this is frequently seen in other glass cleaners, Camsil ensures stainless cleaning on glass and glossy surfaces.

Is Camsil an economical product?

With its 1 L package, Camsil is the product with the highest weight on the market. In weight-price comparison, it offers its consumers the best price and quality compared to its competitors.

Can the Camsil product be used on surfaces other than glass and shiny surfaces?

The Camsil product range includes varieties that are suitable for use in different areas. Especially considering the lack of time in today’s world, fast and practical solutions in cleaning living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms facilitate the life of ladies. Among these, Camsil Floral is offered to the consumer as a practical solution for use on general surfaces with its much liked floral scent. The camsilmatik parlat varieties offer the much sought cleanliness and hygiene on bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

How to prevent the steaming occurring on glass surfaces?

The Camsil Ultra and Professional varieties prevent water formation with their formula that features water removal. This property provides a great advantage especially on bathroom surfaces. In the same way, thanks to their properties, these 2 varieties can completely remove the steaming occurring on glass surfaces. With the professional and ultra varieties used on mirrors and glass surfaces in the bathroom, you will see that no steam occurs after showers.

Glass cleaning products have a heavy and unpleasant smell; how can this be prevented?

The alcohol used in the formula due to the product’s property emits an intensive odour. Consumers have reported a high degree of satisfaction with respect to smell thanks to the perfume used in Camsil products.

Can the Camsil product be used for the cleaning of chandeliers?

Our product range includes the Camsil Crystal variety especially to be used in the cleaning of crystal chandeliers. This product is suitable for all crystal surfaces. It ensures a higher performance cleaning and shine thanks to tits special formula.